Dream Team Human Resources Inc | Our Values
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Our Values

Our Values

A Philosophical Message From Dream Teams HR founder, Mr. David Waltzer:
I could not imagine having to miss my kid’s childhoods by working too much. As a business owner, I get to choose whichever 80 hours a week I work- so I carve out time for the kids almost every day.  But that is a privilege.  I can hire a tutor form my daughter, or send kids to varying activities.  There are millions of people who have to forgo precious family time just to pay rent and put food on the table. These people are in a socio-economic trap.  The phenomenon of the ‘economically trapped’ is actually a socio-economic inefficiency. Why? Because it edifies economic class, and thus retards an upward flow of natural talent into the workforce. It is my mission to start businesses that remedy this inefficiency – rather than perpetuate it. That is why lifestyle is such an important component of Dream Team HR.  But the lifestyle component is not just for workers. It is for clients as well. With the benefit of low cost-high quality labor, clients can become more profitable and efficient, and in turn have more resources for their own families and dreams.

why our success will destroy our industry

Arbitrage – why our success will destroy our industry: It might seem strange to consider, but global outsourcing is arbitrage.  As with other arbitrage situations, our industry is a temporary one.  There exist in the world great- and unnatural- economic disparities. Why is the cost of labor in Germany $50 per hour and the cost of labor in Grenada $5 per hour?  Some nations have had geopolitical advantages that result in exponentially greater comparative wealth.  Dream Team HR facilitates capitalization on that wealth disparity. But the disparity itself is a moral and economic failure – an inefficiency.  Over time, unless the world shifts away from free markets and democracy, the spread of labor costs will diminish. This is a wonderful thing. Dream Team HR seeks to provide value for clients while being a force for global economic parity.  So, if our lifestyle model ‘goes viral’ and causes higher labor standards in our labor base countries, that is a good thing – even if it means that we lose an arbitrage opportunity in that market.  That being said, this is a very long-term projection.  There will be great value in outsourcing for generations to come.

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