Dream Team Human Resources Inc | Flat Monthly Cost Team Member
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Flat Monthly Cost Team Member

Flat Monthly Cost

The logistics could not be more simple: you pay a flat monthly fee per candidate. We have monthly or semi-monthly structures available – at your discretion. You never have to think about payroll deductions or compliance.
Typically, a call-center level worker can cost markedly less than a US-Based minimum-wage employee. Our candidates are often college-educated with administrative, sales, or call center experience. We are highly selective and we screen for attrition risk.

Dream Team HR has administrative level candidates, paralegal level candidates- some of whom are lawyers- and management-level candidates- all available without the hassle of complex contracts and other employment-related exposures.
Rest assured, that even though we remove your burdens of statutory compliance, your team member is treated well, and will enjoy an excess of the benefits required by the host country.

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